I was born in Germany in a small province town near Düsseldorf. 461366_244545032324848_213373822_o
During my earlier years in life I was educated as an Interior Designer and worked for several companies in Germany as a technical drawer, light planner, sales man and shop designer.My jobs brought me around Germany and I have lived for some time in Hamburg, Frankfurt but most of my time in Germany I have lived in Düsseldorf which became my home base since I have left my home town. In August 1994 I was starting my flying license to discover the world from above.

It was required to build hours and thought that Florida was a good place to do this. Flying around the Bahamas and Florida was good fun.
For a few years I had a hide out Finca in Soller/Mallorca where I was happy to relax after work, cutting olive trees and learning from my spanish neighbor how to make olive oil and learning spanish.


In March 2004 after a change in my personal life I have left Germany within a few days on a motorbike crossing the Alps on a hot summer day to start over in Italy where I had been offered a job for an airline. And I still remember when I left from my parents place after a solid german breakfast. It was really hot in Germany that day until I have reached Switzerland where it was raining cats and dogs.
I was soaked with rain and by the time I was reaching the San Bernadino summit I was almost frozen. But when I came down the mountains into Italy it was warm and sunny again. What a bright welcome into my new life. All I had left was what I had on my bike and it felt like being reborn. Starting over means you have to leave valued things behind that were part of your life but the energy of stepping into a new dawn is something very special. After a 1.200km trip I reached Torino in the night looking for a motel to rest.
On my very first flight for my new airline I have met my friend Gaetan who offered me a room in his flat and I had a new base camp.
I will have these impressions from this trip forever saved in my mind they are giving me power in those times when life is not bright.

After one amazing year in Torino I had my base changed to Rome and in February 2006 my daughter Victoria was born bringing the biggest joy in life to me.

Following a job offer I have moved in march 2006 to the Middle East / Dubai where I live and work until now. It feels like that I am a global nomad living the recent years mostly in my suitcase traveling around the world and I am really curious where I will go after.

Dubai is an interesting experience for me and a real multi cultural melting point. It has good sides and better sides. But it really expanded my personal view and looking back I don’t regret this decision at all even though I sometimes have the feeling that the „normal“ life is passing me by.

Being exposed to so many different cultures I truly believe that tolerance, peace and a certain discipline is the only option for our planet to peacefully live together.

“I do not know what I like to next but I have a good idea about what I like less and in the meantime I enjoy life.”

In Dubai I started to build my small home studio, and I began to record my ideas. 
My musical abilities are really limited, which does not stop me of having fun to find a way to express myself and try to get things “out of my mind”. During the process of writing my ideas and recording them I have learned a lot and every day I am learning something new.

In December 2014 I left Dubai for good to go back home, sitting around with only two suitcases and having my stuff on a sea freight container is somehow a good feeling but I really miss my guitars.

Another passion of mine is photography and during my trips around the world I sometimes took my camera with me and tried to capture moments, people or landscapes. You are welcome to have a look at these pictures and maybe travel a bit with me.

In January 2012 I had the possibility to take some pictures of the Circus Flic Flac trying to capture some of these magic circus moments and amazing artists. It was a great experience and I would like to thank all the artists of this show.

“Every thing happens for a reason and nothing is perfect in this world, even though we can always try to make this world better with spreading the spirit every day.”


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  1. Hi Andelko,
    ich weiß immer noch nicht, ob Du Dich an mich erinnerst… Flugbegleiter bei Air Berlin bis 2004 (der, der immer Pilot werden wollte).
    Mittlerweile bin ich auch regelmäßig in Dubai und momentan bei CAE . Wie ich höre und lese, lebst Du (immer noch) in Dubai und es würde mich feuen mal etwas von Dir zu hören, wenn Du Interesse hast.
    Viele Grüße,

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