Behind the horizon (and beyond)

I have put a couple of songs / song ideas on which have all there little stories. After my trip to Florida this month I found myself inspired and I had to put it into notes in “Heading South”. The sad story behind “Journey” is that our friend Robo died way too early and quick. Tom Redmann helped me in a remarkable session in his studio in Dusseldorf / Germany to write this song. Thank you Tom! “City Lights” is still in work as well as “Into my light” I hope to get a little bit better every time I am working on songs. “Afternoon with you” speaks for it self just a little relaxing test tune from last year when I have tested my new Strat from Ulli / Real Guitars in Germany. “Lonely people” is a cover from the band America and as nobody comes close to the spirit of these guys it is just my way of singing it. “Space and time” is an old clip when I was working more on electronic music.


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  1. Mein geliebter Bruder, eine wirklich schöne Seite und unter die Haut gehende songs hast du gemacht! Vielleicht versteht oder empfindet man die Dinge anders, wenn man den Menschen kennt und mit ihm groß geworden ist. Ich bin stolz auf dich und ich freue mich, dass du deine Kreativität so auslebst!!! Ich liebe dich von ganz tief aus meinem Herzen! de sista **

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